We are asking that you please leave your vehicle for service and do not wait in the lobby. We will temporarily shortened business hours. For safety reasons we will be limiting seating in the lobby as well as placing barriers to keep the required 6 foot distance. 


   Temporary Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00-6:00

Saturday 9:00-2:00


Before and After Hours Drop-offs: 

  • Forms with envelopes are located in the mailbox next to the window. 

  • Fill out the front of the form and put only the key and/or fob needed to start the vehicle back into the envelope DO NOT lick the envelope.  

  • Drop the envelope through the mail slot. 

  • Once the work is completed we will take payment over the phone. 

  • We will then “late lock” your vehicle. 


Coming in to drop off and pick up:

  • Come in and fill out our intake form. Please refrain from leaning on the counter.

  • Leave ONLY THE KEY/FOB FOR THAT VEHICLE on the counter. We are sanitizing keys as they come in and go out. Having multiple keys and key chains makes that difficult.

  • If you are able to leave the car then that’s all we need. If you need to wait you are welcome to do so inside, depending on the number of other customers waiting. Please consider waiting outside or going for a walk.

  • When picking up come in and we will do things as touch free as possible. 


How to contact us:


We are doing our best to cut down on person to person contact. You may see bay doors open but please do not enter the building. No one but employees will be allowed in the building. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.